Three Times Latin Grammy Nominee.

 Two Times Grammy Awarded Sound Engineer

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You have spent countless hours in front of your DAW writing, recording, overdubbing, editing, all those sleepless nights tweaking lyrics, arrangements, researching for sounds, and it is finally time. You are ready to hand over your raw data to a pro mix engineer and you hope the masterpiece you have created sounds just like the one that you hear in your mind.


For many, this is not an easy task. When you expose your multi-track creation, you reveal all of your secrets, tricks and even flaws to a complete stranger. You want a mix engineer that you can trust.  A mix engineer who knows that great music so often comes from imperfections placed perfectly.  You just need a partner that makes your s... sound killer when it's mixed.


Let's cut straight to it and get to the holy grail of a successful relationship between producers and mix engineers.


After 30 years of mixing, I believe I can load my website with links to hit songs that might give you an overall idea of what I have worked on and what I am capable of.  However, no one will ever know the work that has been done on those samples because unfortunately, I can't give you access to the before and after.


Every production is unique…don't forget it…and this is your creation. The only way you can determine if my experience fits your music is to try the synergy out.  I look forward to being a part of the best music in your catalog.  Let’s go to work.



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